What is energy work?

Energy work is an incredibly profound way to affect change in ourselves and the world around us. It can take many forms– meditation, prayer, yoga, visualization, internal martial arts, chanting, toning, energy healing, but inherently they all lead back to the same place, which is acknowledging that all matter is vibration. And we, as human beings, can change vibration. Easily. With a very small amount of effort, and a large amount of consciousness. Affecting change on a vibrational level is immensely efficient.

As an energy practitioner, I facilitate the process of shifting vibration within people’s energetic and physical bodies. This work is different for every person. Sometimes stored energy is emotional when it moves, sometimes it’s painful. Generally, once energy has moved, it’s a relief.

Some people experience stuck or blocked energy as physical pain in their bodies. Some people experience it in relationship to another person or a particular situation. Sometimes people feel in a rut and are unable to see a way forward. Energy work can help with all of these things. It is not limited to space– so can be experienced from a distance as well as face to face.

I make myself available for sessions in person in my studio space in Portland, Oregon, or via the phone or internet. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment, or just hearing more about my work, or what to expect in a session, you can reach me via email at bodymechanicspdx@gmail.com or on the phone at 503-234-7567. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you have an amazing day.


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